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Our House Hunters Episode Airs Friday, Oct. 26th at 9:00pm!

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Our House Hunters episode airs tonight!! The show entitled “Adam and Cara Bring Their Boys Home to Houston” will be on HGTV at 9:00 pm.

We, of course, will be watching it tonight here at Mainly Drinks!

For those of you who may not know, House Hunters filmed a segment of a House Hunters episode here at Mainly Drinks earlier this summer.  That episode airs tonight, October 26th at 9:00pm (Central Time).


Adam and Cara Bring Their Boys Home to Houston

Episode HNT-6809H

Adam and Cara, liked living in Dallas, but now that their two little boys are getting older, and they want to move to Cara’s childhood home of Houston, so the kids can grow up close to their family. They’re looking for a big yard and a long driveway where the children can ride their bikes safely. Cara, is also determined to find a white kitchen to serve as a backdrop for her food blog, and Adam wants the house to have a pool or overlook a lake.